Siddhi Builder

The project was conceived so as to give the users a unique living space and ambience. Comprehensive exercise was done by the design team to come up with the...
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MnP Business Ventures

MnP business ventures was a business promotions start-up company. Co-founder was a young energetic person who wanted his office to be vibrant, appealing and should...
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Abstract —
Microclimate refers to a climate of a small region. As the name suggests, Micro means small and the term signifies the effect of climate on a smaller regions due to surroundings of that area. Microclimate effects the environment. For example, Concrete and masonry absorbs heat from sun and slowly radiate which increases the temperature. This is called urban heat island effect. Now having Non radiating shading devices like trees and plants nearby can help in regulating the temperature.

Keywords —
Microclimate, Green buildings, Landscaping, Passive cooling, energy conservation, sustainable development.
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